Thursday, January 22, 2009


21 Jan: 6:45 PM

The BBC (who apparently read my website, oh yes!) and the 'Listen Again' function have confirmed that Richard did, indeed, say I was an author. So I stand corrected. He did not mention my book, but frankly, I can't imagine 100,000 people scrambling for a pencil at 12:15 in the eveing saying, "What did he say the name of that book was? I've GOT to have a copy."

I was on national radio. I was introduced as an author. I held my own even though I was heavily outgunned. I have every reason to be pleased.

Am I am.

Here's the link to the show: Listen Again (Set the time line to about 1:10)


  1. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I think it would have been nice if he had mentioned your book, but I don't think he mentioned Toni's either did he? You certainly were outgunned; I felt badly for you. But I cannot honestly say I could have done any better. I think it would have been nerve racking. I know I would have been kicking myself later thinking I should have said this or I should have said that.

  2. Richard did mention Toni's book. I was billed as a 'blogger and author' - though I missed the 'author' during the live show because I was so gobsmacked that he didn't mention my book.

    In listening over the interview (just once, I'm not obsessed about it or anything) I think I did all right, but it really showed how out-gunned it was. There were just a few things I wish I could have gotten in if I'd had the chance, but with under an hour of air time and competing with six other points of view, I was lucky to get anything in at all ;)

  3. You're right. Nobody reaches for a pen to write down the name of your book at the first hearing. But over a number of exposures--TV, radio, even a glance at the cover online in someone's Amazon picks--you'll get over the tipping point.

    Just keep hustling. That's my professional opinion.

  4. I repeat headbanger's point. Next time someone hears about your book they'll go "Oh that's that yank who was heavily out-gunned on Radio 5 Live". At least you didn't have to slag off the UK. I'm having to wearing heavy disguise over here!!

  5. Mike:
    I thought you did very well. You came off sounding sincere and informed with a sense of humour. A good mix. I hope you enjoyed it.

  6. Thanks Headbang8, it's nice to know I was on the right track.

    Toni: I do not envy you. You'll be getting the "if it's so good, why don't you go back" line soon ;)

    Clippy: Yes, I did enjoy it, very much. And if the said they would have me back but would not mention my book at all, I would still go.

  7. Mike..I'm currently listening to the show now. I can imagine that it's a pretty tricky business to get your points across. Well done to you and expatmum (I'd have been hiding under a table too scared to emerge!) You both represented yourselves very well. I'm still chuckling over you being asked by RM whether you owned an assault rifle of all things....
    Why not a copy of F Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" (which is equally American) for goodness sake! :)

  8. I agree; assault rifles are expensive! ;)

  9. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I missed Toni's book being mentioned. It would have been nice if they would have included an American interviewer to make things fair. I think it was 3 Brits to one American wasn't it?
    Good job to both of you. I couldn't have done it, that's for sure.

  10. No, it was, off and on, six Brits to one America.

  11. CONGRATS - Author!! I would have reached for the pen... but that's just me! Insist next time!

  12. Thanks, Fida. When next time comes, you can bank on me insisting. Have fun on your travels.