Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Wait is Over

I know you’re been losing sleep over this, but you can rest easy now:  More Postcards From Across the Pond is now out on Kindle (paperback to follow soon):

Here's what the people I bribed to write nice things about it are saying:

What a fantastic read!  “More Postcards From Across the Pond” is chock full of witty, wry observations that will have any reader—regardless of the place they call home—turning the pages for more.  I laughed out loud so many times my husband asked if I was okay.
Marsha Moore, author of the 24 Hours travel series

Anyone who's dreamed of or endured life in Britain will love Michael Harling's hilarious and on-the-mark tales in “More Postcards From Across The Pond.”
Leslie Banker and William Mullins
co-authors of Britannia in Brief

I paid some other people to say nice things, too, but that’s enough for now.  This book covers the second half of my first decade in Britain, and is coming out as a special, tenth anniversary event.  I hope you enjoy it.

If you have joined the ebook revolution, you can download More Postcards From Across the Pond from:

(the above are both subject to tax/VAT--wouldn’t you just know it)
 (cheaper, tax-free and has multiple download formats)

Optionally, if you are a troglodyte like me and do not yet own a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle app for your PC here:

Or you can wait a couple of weeks for the book; don’t worry, I’ll let you know.

If I have to say so myself—and at this point, I guess I do—this book is even better than the original.  (What?  You haven’t read the original yet?  Well now’s your chance.)

So download, enjoy, tell your friends, post rave reviews and then go out for a pint—you’ll need one after all that.


  1. Bought with 1 click. Will give it a thorough Fancy reading. :-)

  2. Oh my! My first (known) customer. Thanks!