Friday, May 20, 2011

For a Short Time Only

Wouldn’t you just know it! My book is finally out and the world is going to end tomorrow. Typical.

And there is even worse news for you living in the UK; aside from the world ending here first (for some reason, this apocalypse arrives at 6 PM and follows the time zones around the world), but in addition to that, my book is only available on, so you will either have to wait a week or two (but who has time for that; certainly not you) or use international shipping, which can be expensive (but just what are you saving your money for?)

I think the sensible thing to do is obvious: everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to buy my book immediately.

- Buy the book
- Download the ebook for Kindle
- Download the ebook for Kindle in the UK
- Download from Smashwords

Do one, do all but do it now, because tomorrow will be too late.

I realize, if you do buy the book, it won’t arrive before the apocalypse, even if you use priority mail, and I’m sorry about that, but what is important here is that I am able to know that for one, brief, shining moment before we all become dust, that I was a best-selling author.

You want me to have that, don’t you?

You know what to do.

And if you are reading this post-6PM on Saturday, 21 May 2011 then I guess you don’t have to be too concerned about using priority mail.


  1. patty harrison6:00 PM

    Well done my Friend! Love your sense of humour!!!!

  2. Thanks!! And thanks for you know what, as well ;)

  3. But what if we aren't saved? Then we'll have until October 21 when the world is destroyed!

    I truly am upset at people who say "The Bible Guarantees It!" when it absolutely does no such thing. A black smear on Bible-believing Christians, in my opinion.
    I am happy about your book, however :)

  4. BTW, your "Postcard Devotees" is brilliant.

  5. Abby: Thanks! I often wonder if any ever reads it.

    And I did notice that the "real" Christians stayed wisely silent during the whole brouhaha. The secular world had a field day with it, though ;)

  6. The apocalypse has passed and I have emerged unscathed...not being the owner of a kindle or other similar device (yet?!), please confirm when/where we mere un-techy mortals can buy your words of wisdom...


    Fellow traveller from across a much bigger pond

  7. It's waiting patiently in eformat. Must finish book club choice first...

  8. Kym: Ah, like me you have not yet been assimilated. I'm afraid Amazon is slow to update its UK site. I keep checking, but it isn't there yet :( But you're not far away; stop on down--I'll let you read my proof copy ;)

    Fancy: Hope you enjoy it, and glad (I guess) that you have been assimilated.

  9. Mrs Baum10:59 PM

    I'd never noticed your devotees before, but it made me laugh.

  10. Mrs. Baum: Thanks. Glad people are finally looking at it. It's been up there so long some of it is already outdated.

  11. Outdated, as in this blog post. The End of the World is so yesterday! I need to get something else up here!

  12. Yes all old news now...keep up sunshine! ;D

  13. Chris Grime2:12 PM

    I first met you on Sunday Mike, so I may well have missed all the action, or perhaps I am waiting patiently staring over the abyss of 21st October referred to by Abby above? Nope, I am pretty sure patience is not my strong suit, so it won't be the latter. Enjoying your blog - thanks

  14. Thanks, Chris. Good meeting you, and glad you are enjoying the blog.