My Devoted Fans

David Cameron - Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (Retired)
“To help us through these difficult economic times, I am hereby appointing Mr. Harling Minister of Mirth; I think that will definitely improve the mood of the country.”
Vladimir Putin - Judo master, leader of the Evil Empire 
Jesus Christ - Son of God
“He causeth Me to laugh; perhaps I will not send him to hell.”
Bill Bryson - Writer
“I know when I’ve met my match – Michael’s book is way funnier than anything I have ever written.”.
Barrack Obama - Ex-President of the United States
“Being leader of the Free World is an awesome responsibility, and if it weren’t for the laughs I get from reading Postcards From Across the Pond I don’t know what I’d do.”
Jack Sparrow - Pirate
“Harrr Matey! I read ‘Postcards’ every chance I get; so should you, or I’ll see you walk the plank.”..
Charles Manson - False prophet, murderer, Beatles fan
“I recently started reading Postcards From Across the Pond and it has helped me see the error of my ways. If I had my life to live over, I would use In a Gadda Da Vida as my inspiration for mass murder. “
Margaret Thatcher - Prime Minister (Retired)
“Since my retirement, I have been having trouble filling my time. Postcards From Across the Pond has given me a new lease on life.”..
Michael Meyers - Sometimes pretends to be Shreik
“I wish I was as funny as Mr. Harling.”..
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor – Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith
“Sorry for inadvertently leaving you off of this year’s Honour’s List; I will be certain to rectify that next year, Sir Harling.”
Robert Magabee - Despot
“After a hard day of killing women and babies, nothing relaxes me like a good dose of Postcards From Across the Pond.”..
Kenny McCormick - South Park resident
“Mmm mmffm mmm.”..
Jerry Springer - Talk show Host
“This guy is seriously funny. I need to have him on my show.”..
Albert Einstein - Really Smart Guy
“While I was alive, I derived much pleasure from traveling forward in time to read Postcards From Across the Pond. You did find the plans for my time machine, didn’t you? I left them on the desk in my study.”
Superman – Man of Steel, Crime Fighter
“Fighting crime is a serious business so, to relax, I turn to Michael’s hilarious adventures on Postcards From Across the Pond.”..
Dan Brown - Writer, Conspiracy Theorist
“If I could write half as well as Mr. Harling, I might actually make something of myself.”..
Punxsutawney Phil - Ground Hog, Weather Forecaster
“I only work one day a year, the other 364 I spend reading Postcards From Across the Pond.”..
Britney Spears - Singer, Occasional Mental Patient
“Michael’s Postcards From Across the Pond helped me get my life back on track. Michael, I am so very, very grateful to you and I want to show my appreciation. Why won’t you return my calls?”


  1. Maggie3:11 AM

    Write more!

  2. your devoted fans are interesting and scary in equal measure! Very funny blog!

  3. Add me to your devoted fans! Spent hours reading your posts. I’m from Albany, NY living in London now for the last 5 years after getting married. Lol’ed quite a few times. I remember Ichabod Crane would always get every snow day off! I literally snickered when I read your Troylettes comment. So happy to find a little of home from someone with a similar background and experience. Best wishes. Huma from London