Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fun With Toilet Paper

Gosh, nearly a month since I’ve posted anything new! Sorry, but the, um, sun was in my eyes and, ahh, my dog ate my homework and…okay, I’m sort of a lazy sod.

To make up for my inexcusable hiatus, allow me to bring you a bit of whimsy:

My wife and I buy toilet paper by the gross. It’s the one thing we can buy in bulk because it is the one thing—in our diminutive flat—that we have ample storage for. When we find ourselves running low, we buy the biggest economy-size package we can find and dump it all in a basket on the shelf in our loo.

Many people would be satisfied with a heap of toilet roll, but every now and again one or the other of us gets it in our head to arrange them in a more aesthetically pleasing fashion.

Stacking them, of course, was the initial response...

... but this led to a series of Jenga-type competitions...

…and morphed into Romanesque architecture.

Then I decided to add a bit of flair…

…which culminated in this sort of tribute to the Wicker Man.

We called foul on that and now the introduction of internal structural materials is discouraged because we’re running out of coat hangers.

It does occur to me, however, that glue and duct tape is not yet on the exclusion list, so you never know what might appear next.


  1. Oh Michael!!!!!! It appears that English Eccentricity has finally got to you!!!

    1. You might reasonably conclude from this that I have waaaay too much time on my hands ;)

  2. A touch of whimsey is what puts the spice in life. So, have at it, good sir!

    1. Thanks! I am nothing if not whimsical.