Saturday, July 6, 2013

A New Frock for Rachel

This, as you are aware, is an expat blog, devoted (for the most part) to my adventures as an accidental expat. I am, however, also a writer, though this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone (hint: have a look on the right side of the page).

As it happens, it is time for me to talk about my books; I will attempt to make this quick and painless and, hopefully, interesting. Now come along with me:

I currently have four books out: three humor books and one novel of which I am, justifiably, proud. Finding Rachel Davenport manages to blur the lines between chick-lit, thriller and comedy crime caper, and I felt sure this would make it a sure winner. By simultaneously covering three genres, it would—I reasoned—triple its audience. Instead it seems to have confused people, so the publisher thought we should re-brand the book and put it in a single category:

New Frock for Rachel
By the spiffy new cover, I bet you can guess the category we decided on. And I agree with the decision because, even though the book contains several explosions, a couple of knife fights and a rape scene, it is mostly a fun and funny book about a young woman in search of herself and who encounters two very different men along the way. So the chick-lit category suits Rachel fine, and I hope fans of the genre who are looking for a story involving romance and a happy ending are not disappointed.

But you don’t have to buy the book to find out because I am giving this book—as well as my others—away FREE for the remainder of this month. It’s a sort of Christmas in July promo aimed at reaching a wider audience and getting a few more reviews up on the Amazon sites.

So, if you want any of my books, just click the links and use the coupon codes and down load the ebook for free. If you want an actual paperback, send me an email and I can send you one at cost, which will save you a few pennies, at least.

All I ask in return is that you consider putting a review up on Amazon after you finish reading the books.

Christmas in July!
          Free ebooks - any of my titles - for the month of July
Sorry! Christmas is over.


  1. Very nice new frock indeed!

  2. I bought all four of your books, with actual US dollars, and enjoyed each and every one of them. I would spend the money again, if needed. For those who have the opportunity to snag them for free, well, they are quite lucky.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed them.