Monday, October 29, 2012

About the Book

It was in the summer of 2007 that Rachel Davenport (the real one) handed me her business card and I got the idea for the novel. A mere 5 years later, a book is born (and Rachel is still at the travel agency, though she has received a promotion in the interim).

This post will be short and to the point: the book is good; buy it!

Opis, an imprint of Prospera Publishing, opted for the manuscript and turned it into an eBook. They helped me tremendously with editing and made the final product one I am very pleased with (um, the typos that slipped through, they were my fault). And they made a smashing cover, too.

You can buy the eBook from or or—if you don’t own a Kindle or hate feeding the corporate juggernaut—at Smashwords.

There is a paperback edition available, but this had to be independently produced, which explains the minimalist cover:

You can buy the paperback at or

Here’s the official blurb.

Rachel Davenport—former child prodigy, world-class gymnast and Miss Teen England—has retired from public life and lives anonymously in a small town, working as a clerk for a travel agency.  By night, however, Rachel is a self-styled crime-fighter, seeking to right the wrongs inflicted on people who cannot help themselves.  But when her first mission goes horribly awry she finds herself pursued, not merely by the media, but by the police and an assortment of criminals who want her silenced.  To preserve her anonymity, as well as her life, Rachel must prove to the police that she is one of the good guys and keep one step ahead of the bad guys, all while avoiding nosey neighbours, holding onto her job and juggling two would-be suitors.

Finding Rachel Davenport is a fun read, with a quirky plot and an explosive ending.

That’s it; you know what to do.


  1. I wanted to order it from Google play then I could read it on my tablet and or my phone, sadly Google doesn't have it (yet!) - I shall have to go the Amazon route later this week

    Cheers Mike


  2. I've read it and it's a real page turner.

  3. Just got it on Kindle!

  4. Sounds like a fun read!! I will get it for my Kindle.

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  6. OK - Kindle order placed - I look forward to reading it