Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This afternoon, I made a pretty young woman very happy.  This is not something I do with any regularity these days, so I thought I should remark on it.

Her name is Rachel Davenport.  I don’t think she’ll mind me putting her name on here because, soon enough, she’ll be famous anyway.  You see, some years ago, my wife and I went into the travel agency where she works and booked a flight.  I’m not sure where we were going on that particular trip, but that isn’t important; what is important is that, as we left, she handed me her business card.

“Rachel Davenport, International Travel Consultant,” I read out to my wife, as we returned to the street.  “It sounds like a superhero.”

And so, over the next year, I wrote a book titled Rachel Davenport, International Travel Consultant about a young woman who works in a travel agency by day but fights crime as a self-styled superhero at night.  Admittedly, it was a strange concept.  Stranger still is the fact that I have found a publisher willing to take it on.

Chuffed as I was over this unexpected but delightful turn of events, I couldn’t help entertaining dark thoughts about the real Rachel, and what reaction she might have to being the subject of a book (because you know I’m going to make certain everyone in town knows about it).  Odds were that she would be flattered and happy with the situation, but there was always the chance that she and a few of her mates might corner me in a dark stairwell in the mall and do a beat down on me with their handbags.

“What the fook you playin’ at using my name and not paying me residuals, eh, wanker?  I’m callin’ my solicitor, innit!”

So, to put my mind at rest, I visited the travel agency where she still works and, with less awkwardness than I had a right to expect (seeing as I was a perfect stranger walking in out of the blue to tell her I had written a book about her), told her the story of her business card, my manuscript and the upcoming publication.  She was, thankfully, thrilled, and she and her work mates did a lot of giggling, speculating and extracting of promises to keep them updated on progress.

The book, of course, has nothing to do with her personally; I don’t even know her.  The heroine of my novel is an ex-child prodigy and media darling who decides to chuck it all in for the quiet life of a secret crime-fighter.  It’s sort of like Stephanie Plum meets Sheldon Cooper.  (What?  Too obscure?  Remember, Google is your friend.)

As I left, she offered me another business card.  It read, “Rachel Davenport, Manager.”

“Sorry,” I told her, “there’s no book in that.”

Stephanie Plum

Postscript:  Yes, the above is fact.  I did write a book based on a business card and a publisher really did agree to publish it.  The ebook will be out this autumn; the paperback will follow soon after.

Sheldon Cooper
Watch this space.


  1. Hmmm - I'm still not convinced that we won't be reading about the huge lawsuit that entails when she learns you've made your first million off her name! Call me a cynic but.....

    1. In my dreams I make enough money to encourage people to sue me...;)

    2. Oh and one point- I don't think-

      'What the fook you playin’ at using my name and not paying me residuals, eh, wanker? I’m callin’ my solicitor, innit!”

      is really my style, and despite my moonlighting as a super crime-fighter, I tend not to hang out in dark mall stairwells with my mates. We call them shopping centres here...

  2. I went onto the site called How Many Of Me.com. According to that there are 76 Rachel Davenports in the US alone. On that basis, I should think you have free rein to use the name especially since she no longer has the former title. Of course, when they go to make the movie, they may want to change it (you know how they are!)

    1. Michael you officially have 'free rein' to use my name for this and all future tales of my exploits- I am looking forward to reading of them! I do still retain my title of International Travel Consultant and absolutely love what I do, although yes I do manage the store now. Do let me know when the book is published- you have my email. And should Hollywood come a-knocking my vote goes for Eva Green, and I want a ticket for the premiere. Best Wishes, Rachel Davenport, International Travel Consultant ( and Manager ).

  3. How Many of Me.com -- how cool! I just did my name and found I am very, very boring -- my first name is the 4th most popular in the US. There are only 20 with the same name, however, and the site notes that the most famous Harling is Robert Harling--that will have to change ;)

    Hmm, I wonder if any of those other Rachel Davenports will try to sue me now.

  4. Nigel4:01 PM

    Nice story Mike, has a good ring to it. For information, according to How Many of Me.com there is only one of me in the US! Does that mean I am almost unique? You don't have to answer that one!