Friday, June 1, 2012

Jubilee Joy

Just thought I'd post some random photos of the Jubilee preparations in our town.  Just like most Royal events, everyone professes to hate the idea until it actually arrives, then the bunting and the flags come out.  Of course, it could be partly due to the fact that we are getting a four-day weekend out of this.  You think?

The bandstand, all decked out, and advertizing the town-wide celebrations to take place on The Day.

More municipal decorations; flags and shields on all the lamp posts along the high street.

One of the displays in the charity shop.

The window of the fabric store.

In one of our many clothing outlets.  It's hard to see with the glare but the mannequin (and all the others in the store) is sporting the face of the Queen.  I have to admit, she looks a bit grim, but still...

The bookstore display, including the must-have Royals dress-up paper doll book and the children's book, The Queen's Knickers.

And last, but certainly not least, my desk at work.  I'm the only American on the staff, but it's up to me to hold up their end.
Now let's just hope it doesn't rain to badly.


  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Personally, I like the Royal family! The Queen has doine alright these past 60 years. Oh yes, thanks for the long weekend! I sure needed it!

    Paula G

    1. Yes, I think anyone--Royalist or not--can get behind a 4-day weekend ;)

  2. Jubilee ships and the Queen on BBC. Looks quite festive! Enjoy the ret of the 4 day weekend

  3. Thanks! A bit nippy today, and this is the day of our town celebrations and our BBQ -- but we're British, we will persevere in the face of adverse weather ;)

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