Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pancakes and Updates

So what happens after Valentine’s Day?  Pancake Day, of course.

It takes me by surprise every year how seriously they take the day before Ash Wednesday over here.  Back in the States, the folks in New Orleans called it Mardi Gras and used it as an excuse for a massive piss-up while the rest of the country pretty much ignored it.  In Britain, Shrove Tuesday is called Pancake Day and, by golly, we’re having pancakes.

The stores stock up on all things necessary for a successful Pancake Day, and make certain you are able to find them.  The accoutrements range from eggs, flour and sugar—for the traditionalists—to frying pans and jugs of pre-made pancake batter, so even the laziest, busiest and/or most clueless among us have no excuse for serving fish fingers, oven chips and peas for dinner instead of the requisite rolled up crepes soaked in lemon and covered with sugar.

And as if they pancakes aren’t shockingly sweet enough on their own there is an assortment of auxiliary toppings available, including Nuttella.

It’s not the sort of dinner I would want every night, but it’s a nice treat once a year.

Otherwise, I have a minor announcement:  the proof copy of Postcards From Ireland has arrived and it looks great.  After a few more tweaks to the manuscript, it will be ready and on sale in time for the 1 March release.

To help kick off the campaign, the ebook editions of Postcards From Across the Pond and More Postcards From Across the Pond will go on sale for $0.99 (£.77).

The ebook edition of Postcards From Ireland will be listed at $2.99 (£1.95)

All the paperback editions are priced at $8.75.

NOTE: Do not be fooled into buying the old version of Postcards From Across the Pond, which is still listed and sells for $18.99 (paperback) and $9.89 (ebook) unless you like paying over the odds.

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