Thursday, August 4, 2011

Out of Time

Let’s take a trip, you and I, to a time before.
Before I was an expat, before Postcards From Across the Pond existed.  A time of quiet days, peace and a fragile tranquillity, when the belief in our invincibility still had a few precious weeks before it was shatter and I was looking forward to my first trip abroad.  A time, just ten years ago today.
I had an on-line journal even then.  It chronicled my adventures in Irish dance.  There were no blogs back then, not as we know them.  This was a time of innocence, when we few, we happy few, posted our rambling to an appreciative audience simply because it gave us joy.  No one thought much about ‘branding,’ no one knew such a thing existed.
It seems ages ago, and yet like yesterday, but the calendar assures me that exactly ten years have passed.  So this is what I propose to do, if you please, and if you’ll come with me.  No, this is not a marketing ploy, and I have no delusions of SEO or gain of any kind.  I simply want to go back in time, to that place before, and watch it turn into now.  Over the coming month, I will post the entries from my journal, mirroring the actual days in that August of ten years ago, the year I made the trip to Ireland and the unexpected journey into place I am now.
I’ll post the first entry on the 8th and, after that I am afraid the posts are somewhat sporadic, until the 17th, when I begin posting every day.  The first of many postcards from across the pond, though I did not know that at the time.
And so the journey begins; I hope you’ll come along, and if you enjoy the trip a fraction as much as I did back then, I will feel it has all been worthwhile.

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