Sunday, November 8, 2009

Review: War Horse

War Horse is a book by children's author Michael Morpurgo. The book was made into a West End play and my wife and I went to see it this past weekend.

You must see this play.

It was, without question, the most dramatic, moving, thought provoking and technically dazzling piece of theatre I have seen. Ever.

We admittedly benefited from sitting four rows from the stage, where we could feel the vibrations of the horses hooves, experience the shock of the shells, smell the smoke and see the sweat on the faces of the actors. But even if we had been sitting in the balcony I am fairly certain I would still have left the theatre in an exhausted daze.

The technological marvels do not stop with the horses, but they are the major part of it. They become so believable as living creatures that they even had their turns at taking bows to riotous applause. The set, too, was an amazement, and the large cast kept the action flowing flawlessly from scene to scene, going from the carnage of the battlefields to the bucolic tranquility of the farmyard with fluid ease.

If you live anywhere within range of London, you do yourself a disservice if you fail to see this play; it will be an experience that will stay with you long after the applause fades.


  1. It looks fabulous! I hope it makes it across the pond.

  2. Let's hope so. Living close to London has it's advantages--it's nice to be able to say, "I went to a West End play last night."

  3. War Horse was the first book my daughter read that she found 'un-put-downable' so she was thrilled when a friend of hers invited her to see it with her for a birthday treat (11 year old girls). I have yet to see it but they and the other girl's mother raved about it! Glad you enjoyed it, the costumes alone look amazing.