Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Politically Correct Holiday

I promised myself that I wasn't going to post on Christmas, but after two whiskeys and a glass of port (and it's not yet 2 o'clock here, Bucko) I just couldn’t help myself.

I wrote this years ago, but had all but forgotten about it. However, a friend of mine asked for a copy a few days ago and it remined me I hadn't shared it with you yet. So here is my ode to a Politically Correct Christmas. I hope you are all enjoying your day.

A Politically Correct Night Before Christmas (um, I mean, A Holiday)

T'was the night before a Holiday, which one I can't say
or the politically correct will come take me away.
And I couldn't decide, for the life of me
if that thing in my corner was a bush or a tree.
When in front of my house a car horn did blare
so I put down my egg nog to see who was there.
A clean-shaven man in a gabardine suit
stepped out of a taxi cab near my front stoop.
"On Driver!" he said, and paid the cab fare
"Are you Santa?" I asked of the man standing there.
"I was once called Saint. Nick," he said with a gleam,
"But lately that 'S' word has become almost obscene."
"I've been corrected for certain, though improved, I doubt it,
"Let's get out of this cold and I'll tell you about it."
I offered him cake, and bid him to try it.
"I can't," he replied, "You see, I'm on a diet.
"I'm not to have cookies or candy or sweets
"I must set an example for what children should eat.
"Overeaters anonymous and dentists both feel
"that I need to stay slim and eat healthy meals.
"My pipe, of course, was the next thing to go
"The Cancer Society's lawyers said so.
"My fur suit and leather were said to offend
"animal's rights, so I had to change them
"for a synthetic blend in this neutral color.
"And I shaved off my beard to please one group or another.
"My reindeer were loosed in a PETA raid one night
"and the elves unionized, now they're on strike.
"But I no longer need toys, so they're free to go.
"Leaving presents in houses; that's illegal, you know.
"And my name has been changed, it's no longer St. Nick.
"It's now Shirley Abdul Jacob Dinosovitch."
I shook my head sadly, stunned by his speech,
was nothing beyond special interests groups' reach?
"But you aren't Shirley or Jacob or Abdul," I said,
"If you pretend that you are then you're out of your head.
"These groups want you to act as they think you should
"as if they are the ones who define what is good.
"I don't have a society, lawyer or cause
"but I do enjoy Christmas, and I want Santa Claus
"the way I remember, a jolly red elf.
"You're Santa, godamnit, get hold of yourself."
"You're right," he replied, "it's to myself I belong
"they've been holding me hostage to their values too long.
"I'm through taking cab rides, it's back to sleigh power
"and I'll settle with the elves for nine dollars an hour.
"Let's cap this epiphany with a cup of good cheer,
"And for God's sake don't give me non-alcohol beer."


  1. mike, a good chuckle. I hate those bloody p.c. guys, too. You really need to get a life, though. Anybody who posts on Christmas Day is beyond redemption - a basket case if ever there was one. ;-)

  2. I couldn't agree more ;)

  3. that was fantastic! *saved*

  4. In a few moments of peace yesterday I had a coffee and was glad one of my favourite blogs had a new post. Loved the poem and couldn't agree more with it's context. Merry Christmas!

  5. Jsut came across this. Lovely. Loved Bill Bryon adn his books--a bit too down on "stupid" Aemricans which I found far too simplistic itself--got rather old after a while.

  6. Thanks all! As I said, I wrote this some time ago--back in 1993, I believe--sad to think it is even more apt fifteen years later.

    Bright, sunny, frosty morning - we're off to tour Wakehurst Gardens. Hope you all had a Happy Christmas

  7. great post, made me smile......

    Gill in Canada

  8. brilliant- have suggested on my blog that folk have a look

  9. Gill, glad you liked it.

    Jo, thanks for the plug!

  10. Thats is so are clever..thanks for sharing this...

  11. I love it, this is fantastic!!

  12. Fish (can I address you by your Christian name, or should I use the more formal Ms WithoutBicycle?),
    It's really gratifying and surprising that so many people enjoyed my little poem. As I said, I wrote it many years ago (before the Internet was so popular) but now it seems made for this medium. Hopefully, it can now be copied and forwarded (with proper credit, of course) umpteen thousands of times and, by next Christmas, be as ubiquitous as Slade's "And Here It Is, Merry Christmas!"

  13. Great poem, Mike.

  14. I am glad you took those whiskeys and that glass of port!