Michael Harling was born and grew up in rural, upstate New York.  He began writing at an early age, preferring to pen poems and stories rather than go raccoon hunting with people who wore John Deere caps and red and black flannel jackets.  He got beat up a lot.

His writing career was temporarily put on hold when he fell in with a group of Christian fundamentalists who believed writing was the work of the devil.  He had Satan cast out of him a lot.

After his inevitable excommunication he attempted to make his mark in the world using the only talent at his disposal; being a smart ass.  He didn't date much.

Over the years, in addition to holding down a 'real' job, Michael wrote for radio, published articles in various newspapers and magazines--including The Journal of Forensic Identification, Writer's Digest and The National Lampoon--while he performed stand-up comedy and attempted to finish a novel.

Eventually, and through no fault of his own, he found himself living in Sussex, England, writing articles on expatriate life. 

He is the author of three humorous books about life in the UK. His first novel, Finding Rachel Davenport, was published in 2012.